21.3 Starter kit

21.3 Starter kit

To simplify the transition to version 21.3, have a look at these examples of common NDC use cases.

The shared XML files cannot be opened in the browser, so please download the file by right-clicking and selecting "Save link as..." (on Chrome). Please use a program suitable for XML viewing such as Notepad++.


Use case



Prime bookingShop for a flightSHP1SHP1
Prime bookingShop with ancillarySHP2SHP2
Prime bookingShop with seat and multiple PTCSHP3SHP3
Prime bookingShop with ancillaries and multiple PTCSHP4SHP4
Prime bookingShop with promocodeSHP5SHP5
ServicingAdd seat for one paxORD1ORD1
ServicingAdd ancillaries in exchangeORD2ORD2
ServicingPay for unpaid orderORD3ORD3
ServicingExchange with partial refundORD4ORD4
ServicingExchange with additional collectionORD5ORD5
ServicingExchange unpaid orderORD6ORD6
ServicingExchange with no additional collectionORD7ORD7
ServicingExchange partially flown orderORD8ORD8
ServicingExchange with ancillary lossORD10ORD10