Passenger types

Create passenger from PTC: ADT, CHD, INF, YTH, STU, SEA

Create adult passenger by default

Automatically associate infant with adult

Manually associate infant with adult

Create up to 9 passengers plus 9 infants 

* Manually re-associate infant to another adult

* Create passenger with several PTC

* Create group booking

* Identify unaccompanied minors

Loyalty recognition

Use Frequent Flyer card from Finnair Plus or One World

Use Frequent Flyer card for mileage accrual

Use Frequent Flyer card for price discount

Use several Frequent Flyer cards at once

Use Corporate ID (Client code) for reporting and for price discount (SSR element)

Name elements

Add passenger's title, firstname, lastname

Add passenger's date of birth

Add passenger's gender

Truncate name if too long

Contact details (APIs)

Create AP elements from e-mail and phone numbers

Create APN, CTCE, CTCM elements for notifications

Create AB elements for billing

Create SSR DOCS containg Passport information

Create default SSR DOCS from the DOB only (for secured flights)


Itinerary types

Shop One Way itinerary

Shop Round Trip itinerary

Shop Open Jaw itinerary

Shop Complex itinerary (3-4 bounds)

* Shop Open segment

Flight types

Propose AY operated flight

Propose Codeshare flight

Propose direct flight

Propose Multi-leg flight

Propose Secure flight

Identify flights too close to departure time

* Propose interline itineraries


Select preferred departure time

Shop on an up-to 7 days time range (calendar search)

Shop directly from flight details

Use One Way display (in Shopping and Reshopping)

Use Itinerary mode (in Shopping and Reshopping)

* Use One Way Combinable mode

* Use Dual flow (calendar with upsell)



Shop ancillary in prime booking

Shop ancillary in post sale

Shop ancillary for unticketed order

Select one or several ancillaries at once

Select one ancillarie several times

Chargeable services

Select chargeable Seat

Select exempted Seat (based on fare family or loyalty)

Select Prepaid baggage

Select Meal

Select Wifi onboard

Select Lounge access

* Select pack of services

Free services

Select free Meal

Display free baggage allowance (number of piece)

Display free baggage allowance (weight)

Display carry-on baggage allowance

Catalogue construction

Use Service filing

Shop for specific segment

Shop for specific passenger

Highlight service

Filter service

Order services

Display Rich content (images)

Display Disclaimers

* Shop for specific service type

* Display Quota information



Target specific fares with a Corporate code

Discount price with Promotion code

Automatically select currency based on the market

Manually select currency

* Price in loyalty points/ miles

Fare types

Return Public fare

Return Negotiated fare

Return Corporate fare

Return IT/BT fare

Return Campaign fare

Return Student fare

Return Seat Only fare

Return TMC fare

Return Visit Home fare

Return Marine fare

Return Tour Operator fare

Upsell offers

Propose best pricing offers

Propose offers in higher booking class

Offer content

Flight data

Display Secure Flight indicator

Display flight legs information

Fare details

Display fare type: public, private, negotiated, corporate

Display Fare Family branding

Display fare benefits based on requested language

Time Limits

Calculate Payment Time Limit (TTL) at OfferPrice

Calculate Offer Validity Time Limit

(*) Feature currently not supported by Finnair NDC API.