Payment flow

Form of paymentPay with BSP Cash (IATA BSP-agents)
Pay with non-enrolled Credit card
Pay with 3DSv2 Credit card
Pay with IATA EasyPay (IATA BSP-agents)
* Pay with BOP (on CN market)
* Pay with several FoP
* Pay with Loyalty points/ miles
* Pay with ARC Cash
Deferred paymentUse deferred payment whatever the FoP
Calculate Payment Time Limit (TTL)
Reprice order (fare and taxes) if TST has expired or does not match the order
Reprice order (OB Fees) if FoP changed
Book ancillary on unticketed order
* Pay for a part of the order only
* Use deferred payment in Servicing flow
Reporting/SettlementReport with 1A-RET to BSP for IATA seller
Report with 1A -HOT-file to AY for non-IATA seller
Report with 1A-SPRF to ARC for US ARC seller
Risk Management APIsValidate agency status with BSP Risk API
* Validate agency status with ARC Risk API
Ticketing failureRollback the booking creation (no more inventory held)


Order content

PNR dataDisplay 1A RecLoc and OrderID
Display passenger details: names, contacts, loyalty data
Display payment information: FoP and associated paid amounts
Display active segment
Display ancillary (chargeable or free)
Display remark
Create remarks automatically
Display RecLoc for associated order after Split
* Display RecLoc for Operating PNR
* Display DID, IID, UCI, CPR reference
* Display PNR history
Ticketing dataDisplay TTL for un-ticketed order
Display Tickets number and associated coupons numbers
Display EMD number and associated coupons numbers
Display price details: base fare, tax total, OB fee
Display tax breakdown for flight: amount, country, tax code
Display Fare basis code
Display Fare endorsement
Display Fare calculation
Display Void eligibility
Display Refund eligibility
Display Exchange eligibility
Display refund amount
Display reporting type indicator: Airline, BSP, ARC
Display fare rules
* Display Ticket/EMD history
Not returned data* Display Order conditions
* Display Order history
* Display passenger gender
* Display SK elements



SearchSearch active orders with OrderID
Search active orders based on 1A PNR RecLoc
Search active orders with passenger name
Search active orders based on creation office
* Search for inactive orders
* Search for orders based on flight data
CancelCancel un-ticketed order
Delete itinerary & ancillaries
VoidVoid ticketed order on the same day before 22:45 GMT time for BSP
Update Tickets & EMD coupon status to "Voided" & cancel PNR
Void order with disrupted flight
Limit Void request to order creator (same IATA number & POS)
Void split PNR
Void orders with ancillaries
* Void EMD only
RefundCalculate refund amount, including penalty
Refund whatever the fare type
Fully refund order
Partially refund order (some bounds only)
Refund partially flown order
Refund during void window
Refund taxes on an un-refundable ticket
Refund order paid with several different FoP
* Refund order paid with several currencies
* Refund tickets with pax travelling with infant
* Refund during void window
* Refund order for some passengers only
* Refund ticket after check-in
* Refund inactive PNR
* Refund ancillary
ExchangeAdd bound
Remove bound
Add ancillaries
Change flight date
Change routing
Change cabin
Change both bounds together
Change each bound separately
Change inbound only when outbound flown
Modify order multiple times if journey not started
Modify order without issuing a new ticket (revalidation)
Reissue whatever the fare type
Reissue with different FoP than first issuance
Reissue in case of residual value (netting may apply)
Diplay Fare Benefits when reshopping
Rebook unticketed order
* Change fare family 
* Change bound partially (modify or delete some flights only)
* Reshop Secure flight if no SSR DOCS in PNR
* Modify inactive PNR
* Upgrade with loyalty points/ miles
* Exchange ancillary
* Full itinerary exchange (O&D) change
* Multiple reissue for inbound if outbound is flown
PNR update* Change or update name
* Add or delete passenger
* Add or delete Frequent flyer card
* Add or update contact element
* Add or update APIS
SplitCreate second order with part of the passengers
Split unticketed order
Split order multiple times
Automatically reassociate infant to linked adult (no manual choice possible)
Automatically reassociate segments, services and tickets/EMD
Apply any servicing process after split
Keep TTL unchanged for un-ticketed order
Involuntary changeAutomatically reissue tickets
Automatically refund tickets
Acknowledge new itinerary on order with disrupted flight
Exchange order with disrupted flight
Notifications (OCN)Notify after flight number change - code 1
Notify after flight retimed - code 2
Notify after flight cancelled - code 3
Notify after ancillary update - code 9
Notify after flight cancelled by the airline outside of a schedule change situation - code 15
Notify after order cancelled due to TTL expiry - code 104
Notify after change requested by passenger - code 112
Notify after passenger no-show at gate - code 113

(*) Feature currently not supported by Finnair NDC API.

21.3 specific features marked in bold.