Welcome aboard

Interested in connecting directly to Finnair via an NDC API?

Read this section to find out relevant details on how we work with our NDC partners.

Getting started

Every new direct NDC API integration to Finnair is evaluated and requires approval from Finnair. Approved integrations will receive a possible time slot for the kick-off of the project.

To initiate the evaluation process, please fill out this form to contact our NDC team. While we carry out the evaluation, your team can already start familiarizing themselves with our NDC API technical documentation.

To read about the next steps of our integration process, you can check the Implementation flow.

Finnair minimum requirements

For a fast initial self-evaluation, see our minimum requirements for anyone wishing to connect to us:

  • Ability to fully display airline-generated NDC offers
  • Prime booking flow full experience (ie. relevant fares, offer conditions, ancillaries, bundled offers)
  • Seller and customer identification supported
  • Basic post-booking functionalities supported (void, cancel, refund)
  • Payment: 3DS v2, BSP Cash, PCI compliant according to role
  • Order security handling
  • Ability to manage shopping volumes
  • Version 17.2 or above already implemented, implementation time less than 4 months
  • Ability to provide needed data feeds for seller reporting
  • Finnair data can not be copied to 3rd party systems unless specifically agreed
  • Finnair owns the rights to its data and may choose to whom it is distributed

Already Altéa NDC user

If you are already connected to another airline using Amadeus Altéa NDC API, integrating AY NDC is very simple.

You can find some details on our implementation methodology here.

As for our few technical specificities, check here.