Certified Aggregator Program

Aggregator certification criteria 

In order to become a Finnair Certified Aggregator, the below criteria need to be met. Finnair evaluates every new interested aggregator partner based on the criteria and the implementation slot will be mutually agreed upon after approval.

  • Ability to fully display airline-generated NDC offers
  • Prime booking flow full experience (ie. relevant fares, fare bundles, offer conditions, ancillaries)
  • Seller and customer identification supported
  • Ability to reprice unpaid order
  • Servicing on the aggregator platform (cancel/refund, exchange)
  • Disruption management (free cancel and exchange after disruption)
  • Payment: 3DS v2, BSP Cash, PCI compliant according to role
  • Order security handling
  • Ability to manage shopping volumes
  • Version 17.2 or above already implemented, implementation time less than 4 months
  • Ability to provide needed data feeds for seller reporting
  • The commercial agreement between Finnair and the aggregator needs to be in place
  • Finnair has the right to recover all distribution cost
  • Relevant seller and market coverage
  • Finnair data can not be copied to 3rd party systems unless specifically agreed
  • Finnair owns the rights to its data and may choose to whom it is distributed

Certified AY NDC aggregators 

Find the list of certified Finnair NDC aggregators and their capabilities here.

Aggregator logos 26.10.2022



Seller registration via Certified Aggregators

In order to start Finnair NDC bookings, travel agents need to register as Finnair NDC sellers separately via this form. No separate agreement is required, but the travel agent needs to have Finnair Ticketing Authority and needs to comply with Finnair Policies.

Note to aggregators: This registration form can be either filled by you on behalf of your sellers or you can share it with your sellers.

Note to sellers: You will need to indicate the chosen aggregator on the registration form. Only Certified Aggregators are options.