NDC Interface



FlightsSend AirlineProfileRQ, receive AirlineProfileRS
Send AirShoppingRQ, receive AirShoppingRQ
AncillariesSend ServiceListRQ, receive ServiceListRS
Send SeatAvailabilityRQ, receive SeatAvailabilityRS
PricingSend OfferPriceRQ, receive OfferPriceRS



CreationSend OrderCreateRQ, receive OrderViewRS
UpdateSend OrderChangeRQ, receive OrderViewRS
DisplaySend OrderRetrieveRQ, receive OrderViewRS
Send OrderListRQ, receive OrderListRS
* Send OrderHistoryRQ, receive OrderHistoryRS
ServicingSend OrderReshopRQ, receive OrderReshopRS
Send OrderQuoteRQ, receive OrderQuoteRS
Send OrderCancelRQ, receive OrderCancelRS (18.1 only)
Send OrderChangeNotifRQ, receive AcknowledgementRS



Seller recognitionDefine market (POS) with Country Code
Identify aggregator with Aggregator ID
Identify direct connect with System ID
Identify non-IATA travel agent with TIDS
Identify IATA travel agent with IATA Number
Delegation flow

(*) Feature currently not supported by Finnair NDC API.

21.3 specific features marked in bold.