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If you are not yet implementing with us, then your main contact point is

Also, if you are interested in integrating AY NDC API, you can fill out the form in the Onboarding section.

Please ask your question or raise your issues directly in the dedicated team space associated with your implementation, or during our regular meeting.

Send an email to:


This email address is only to be used if you are currently in production with us.
It is linked to the Finnair issue handling tool, hence please report only technical issues using the template provided below.

Email template to report production issues



Email address

Email subject

Brief issue summary. e.g. PROD – OB fee calculation issue


Please add logs as attachments

Warning: remove/conceal all private traveller data!

Email content

Priority (only one):

- Critical: e.g. connectivity lost, no fares returned

- High:  e.g. prevents OrderCreations/ failure in payment / passenger is overcharged

- Medium:  e.g. some fares are not returned

- Low:  e.g. ancillaries not returned 

Detailed description of:

- How to reproduce the issue?

- What is the observed result?

- What is the expected result? 

Please indicate the Country code used in the flow causing the error.

IATA number:
Please indicate the seller IATA code used in the flow causing the error.

Error message:
Add the XML message highlighting the error  e.g There is a difference of 0.02 EUR.  

TimeStamp in GMT  +  OrderID/PNR/JSessionID if any 

Email content example

Priority: High

  • Case: Round Trip 
  • Route: HEL-RVN-HEL 
  • Outbound: AY533  
  • Inbound: AY536 
  • Date: 5/12/2020 – 5/1/2021
  • Cabin: Economy/Business 
  • Fare type: Light/Classic/Flex 
  • Passengers: 2 adults  
  • Added services: What is chosen within the flow? 
  • Payment type: CC/CASH deferred/instant
  • Message flow:  
    • AirShoppingRS: fare price: 699.32 EUR * 2% = 13.98 EUR 
    • OfferPriceRS: with Visa Credit: OB Fees: 13.96 EUR
    • OrderCreate: …

Market: FI
IATA: 12345678
Timestamp: 2021-06-02T09:19:35.074Z

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