AY release notes


Release note (in PDF)


AirShopping optimization

Reject shopping requests for unsupported itineraries.

Corporate identifier (CLID)

Identify corporate travellers for booking, servicing, and reporting.

Departure time-based filtering

Shop with a filter based on departure time.

Fare rules and benefits
(Labels.xlsx - Labels.json)

Map values and labels for fare rules and benefits in shopping. 
Map content languages.

Finnair bus connection

Book Finnair flight/bus connections.

Minimum time before departure

Flag offer that is too close to departure time to be booked.

Secure flight indicator

Flag flights that require passport information.

Sell free services

Retrieve free services from the ancillary catalogue.

Separate cabins search

Shop to get all fare families on multiple cabins.


Release note (in PDF)


Fare Calculation and Fare Endorsement

Return FC and FE elements in OrderView.

Modifying unpaid order

Reshop unticketed orders.

OrderCancel response

Return additional information after cancellation.

Reporting type indicator

Indicate the reporting type (Airline, BSP, or ARC) in the OrderView.

Return cabin type information

Return the cabin name and code in the OrderView.

SSR OTHS in OrderView

Communicate with partners in case of disruption.


Release note (in PDF)


Repricing of an unpaid order after external modification

Reprice unticketed order in case of modifications performed outside of NDC.

Repricing of an unpaid order after TST expiration

Generate a new pricing record (TST) with the same pricing context.

Support EasyPay as form of payment

Use IATA EasyPay (virtual) credit cards as an FOP.

Support UATP as form of payment

Use IATA UATP (corporate) credit cards as an FOP.

3DSv2 protocol

Secure credit card payment.


Release note (in PDF)


New Reason Code (104)

Notify that an order has been cancelled due to the payment time limit being reached.

One way display mode

Reshop with a different fare family for each requested bound.

Order split

Perform voluntary split on multi-passenger orders.